OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL is developing in conversation with generations of humans who have sought to shepherd in an era of equity and emancipation. These humans – artists, activists, scientists - will be invoked in the project as time travellers: visionaries who have envisioned a better future and have come back to tell us what they see. They were not loved in their time. They were not easy minds, and they walked an uneasy path. 

OUT HERE is deeply conversant with the legacies of borderlands artists who have explored the nexus of gender, sexuality, and the geo-socio-political construction of racial and ethnic identity, including Gloria Anzaldúa, Ana Mendieta, Monique Wittig, Octavia Butler, Octavio Paz, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and many, many ferocious and tenacious female artists who revolutionized the art world (and other worlds) for women throughout the 1960s and 1970s and beyond. Amongst these are the Guerilla Girls, who waged direct and focused combat with prominent institutions. And also the myriad unsung women and girls on the front and back and unseen lines of gender violence who who mopped up blood, dug out bullets, raged at funerals, and fought often insurmountable battles for justice...most especially when those who were annihilated lived and died as exiles, outcasts, and pariahs.

The project also exists in relationship with those who have led the way in queer civil- and psyche- disobedience, the creation of heroic comic book superheroines, Cihuacóatl, the Cihuātēteoh and female vigilante justice, desert surrealism, the acid western, Brujería and border shamanism, oppositional resistance, and the dismantling of American genocidal manifest destiny.