please email Quintan at q at quintanwikswo.com

+ Studio visits and virtual studio visits can be arranged with Quintan. OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL is based in New York City and Santa Fe, New Mexico. ieldwork is conducted on an ongoing basis throughout New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and California.

+ Project participants are always welcome in the New Mexico area. To wear the headpieces and participate in the project, no experience is necessary, and humans of all genders are welcomed. 

+ Project sites are diverse, and often are by suggestion of local people or survivors who wish their sites to be documented. 

+ Private & Public Presentations are ongoing, and include artist lectures, artist-guided presentations of video and photographs and texts, live performances, interviews, exhibitions, publications, and more. Since the primary priority of OHDINBD is to create a space for discussion, advocacy, and activism, any engagement with the project that brings it to new audiences is hugely significant. 

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