Just under the surface of the earth are the uneasy bodies of women and girls murdered through femicide and gender violence.  Our bodies were consumed by predators human...as well as animal.  

In the 21st century, the artists of Out Here pound on the soil. They invite us out of the earth. There is work to be done. 

We arise from the dirt as immortal hybrids - half woman, half desert predator.

Our faces are weaponized female genitalia. Our bodies are uncompliant. We are Coyote Vagina Dentata. Scorpion Clitoris. Vulture Vulva. What was once hunted, becomes the hunter. 

We have returned to the scenes of the crimes as vigilantes. Anger is an antidote to depression. The thirst for justice is a path beyond survival. The feminine patience for rescue has proven ill-advised.

We are a gathering of women who have chosen to rectify society's betrayal of the lives of women.

We guide Out Here through a resurrection and re-evaluation of past and present crimes against women.  We show the artists how to irrevocably alter the trajectory of time and space, and human - female, hybrid, cyborg - definitions of freedom.