OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL investigates the dichotomy between the bodies of women in the earth (contemporary femicide grave sites), and the bodies of women in the cosmos (archeo-astronomical observatory sites). It questions the human mythologies that have defined women’s bodies as either sacred or profane. It condemns the so-called "justice system" that actively opposes equal access to equal rights and protections for women and girls.

Instead, OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL offers a third, near-future reality in which women’s existences are self-defined, equal, and liberated:

(1) Ancient mythos and culture saw many of the constellations, planets, and astronomical phenomena as sacred, all-powerful female cosmic bodies. Ancient astronomical observatories were set up as temple sites to placate and worship the primal power of these female bodies.

(2) Contemporary mythos and culture sees the bodies, minds and psyches of women as sites designed to passively receive violence, domination, and control. Individual and mass graves have been established as erasure, terror and control sites to restrict women’s existence.

(3) A third imminent future culture envisions the female gendered body/mind/psyche as a location of fluid autonomous self-definition, of liberation and exploration of self-expression, under its own jurisdiction, governance, and control.